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Here’s what You Get with Treatment Media’s SEO Consultancy


Treatment  Media SEO consultancy contains 4 stages of service:

  • Stage 1: Onboarding & Intake

  • Stage 2: Keyword research

  • Stage 3: On-site analysis

  • Stage 4: Support


Stage 1: Onboarding & Intake

Designing internet marketing for addiction rehabs is a process that we have refined over the years. To make sure your rehab treatment facility fits with the Treatment Media consultancy, we’ll start off with a small survey. Asking questions about your goals with Internet marketing for treatment rehabs and SEO issues you have.

If we think you’re a good fit for our SEO consultancy, we’ll plan a call. Together with our team of SEO consultants, we’ll investigate  your main SEO issues. Not only will we be discussing keyword and your website’s history but most importantly we’ll look at the possibilities you and your team have to implement SEO changes. The outcome of the call is documented and presented to the entire Treatment Media team. The result that follows forms the basis of the Treatment Media consultancy project.

Stage 2: Keyword research

The next stage in the SEO consultancy project is the keyword research stage. We’ll dive into your website and products or services, searching for the best keywords in your niche of treatment and detox services. We will help you to uncover the strengths of your addiction treatment center to help you to stand out on the web.  We’ll look at the amount of traffic a specific keywords have, then the chance to rank top 10 for a keyword, and the chance to convert a visitor. These three key metrics are used to determine the appropriate keywords you should target.

The research for the best keywords for internet marketing for treatment rehabs isn’t done in a vacuum. We’ll be using the latest software tools that you would expect from a professional agency. These are tools like SEMrush, SearchMetrics and Moz Keyword Explorer to make sure we get to the bottom of your keywords.

Once the keyword research is finished, the outcome is shared with your team. This is the opportunity to share thoughts about the results of the keyword research. We want to make sure the keywords are just great keywords but also match the services you provide at your treatment facility.

Stage 3: On-Site Analysis

After we made sure we’re on the right track, Stage 3 starts. Our team will then examine “the behind the scenes” items of your website such as site structure and link structure. We will check if Google and other major search engines can easily access your entire website. Additionally,  we will examine the flow of when visitors navigate through your website. Many sites can quickly become confusing to the end user so we’ll give clear recommendations on how you can improve your site’s structure.
We’ll also check if you have any indexability and crawlability issues, using tools like ScreamingFrog and We fully crawl your site looking for anomalies.

The end result is a report with the keyword analysis, on-site analysis, marketing strategy, branding strategy. And of course, a lot of recommendations and practical tips!

Stage 4: Support

The last stage of Treatment Media consulting is the support stage. Once the report is delivered, another meeting is planned, to make sure you’re completely satisfied and understand our strategies and ideas. This is your chance to ask any questions you may have about the report and to hear our thoughts about our team’s future SEO plans. Of course, support doesn’t stop there, you’ll also get 8 weeks of email support.


It’ll take about 3-6 weeks to finish the Treatment Media consulting project. This, of course, depends on how quickly we can interact with your team.  Our goal is to complete reveal what your team will need for a successful campaign with internet marketing for addiction rehabs.
Because our time is limited and we want to make sure we can deliver, we only take on a limited amount of consulting projects at a time. When the button below is unavailable, you can email us at if you want to get on the waiting list.


The entire Treatment Media Consultancy project has a fixed cost of $12,500. To get started, we’ll invoice you $2,500 now. Before we start on-site analysis, after we’ve delivered the keyword research we’ll invoice another $5,000 and before we deliver the report in stage 4 we’ll ask that you pay the remaining $5,000.

Internet Marketing for Addiction Rehabs

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