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SEO Marketing Addiction Treatment


We provide the full range of SEO Marketing Addiction Treatment services.


SEO Marketing

Our SEO team has been working with Google since the late 90’s and our team members are experts with organic and paid SEO marketing for addiction treatment centers and drug addiction rehabs. All of our clients have found results that lasting and impactful. While some think that SEO marketing for addiction treatment and drug rehabilitation keywords is difficult, our team has developed SEO marketing processes that ensure our clients still have success.  SEO marketing is the segment of our business that has changed more than any other over the last few years.  By executing this our proven process with expertise and a high level of skill we have provided our clients with long streams of great organic traffic.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is now a must and no longer optional for your treatment rehab facility. Our Social Media development team will develop your facility into becoming a recognized thought leader by creating unique content and posting on a timely and effective basis.

We will develop your social media outlets into content distribution channels that define and promote your brand. The net result is that more people will know exactly what you do and how you do it so when they need your services they will reach out to your facility.


Conversion Rate Optimization

Every interaction with your web audience should be measured and tracked. When a guest enters into your “web” sphere of influence we ensure that your visitors take action.  Design elements on your website or social pages should do more than just look nice. Every design item for your website, landing pages, thank you pages, etc… should be created with the user experience in mind.

Our team will constantly be studying the user experience for what is happening on your site, creating hypothesis of how it can be improved, and then testing to confirm that improvements have actually happened. The first step is attracting your clients but ultimately its about ensuring that “conversion” actually happens.



For immediate results pay-per-click advertising provides your treatment rehab with new business and a pathway to assisting your organic search results. Creating effective PPC campaigns is a science our team of Pay Per Click specialist understand the Addiction Treatment Industry to ensure that cost per call yields the highest possible return.

Our team will do more that just create a blank budget for PPC, we will carefully analyze your business, your facility, your demographic, and client targets to ensure that your campaign is reaching the intended audience.

SEO Marketing addiction treatment