Social Media Marketing for Addiction Treatment Rehabs

Social Media Marketing for Addiction Treatment

and Rehab Lead Generation


Our team of experts have been working with Social Media since the launch of Facebook and Twitter. We've have profiles across the web and we'll guide your team to having a professional and effective social media presence that will yield a social media lead generation for your addiction treatment center. Our process is specific and will yield measurable results. Guaranteed.


Content Development


A research period used to look into your rehab center best ranking keywords. It's not the same for all centers!

This also includes researching important things that are happening in your area, practice specialties, becoming familiar with team, treatment expertise, specific terms, trends, and crafting the tone and voice for your Social Media Content.


Engaging Posts

Creating Custom Content. (Messages, Events, Infographics, Humor, Social Media Contests, Industry specific news, etc).

When people come to your profiles they have something relevant to their interests; to read and engage in and share in their Newsfeed.

In turn, assisting in the chances of the Account going Viral and increasing brand.

We also create Social Media Contests to increase your Social Media Engagement.


Growing your Audience of Targeted Followers

You can expect between 1000-3000 Followers per month depending on the Package.

Networking, reaching out to your Targeted Demographic. Like and share increases Branding and Building your Audience. Targeted by Professions, Interests, Keywords, etc. Interacting with your audience.


Customer Engagement

Creating concise messaging, with short but effective call to actions to increase awareness.

Assisting with brand positioning, tonality, and messaging.

Creating custom imagery for Social Media Posts to encourage engagement with the brand.

Interacting with influencer handles on Twitter and targeting audiences using relevant hashtags to increase follower base & help your company gain visibility.

Responding to Customer Queries via Social Media.


Monthly KPI Reporting of Social Media Performance

A Collective Report showing your Fan Base Growth, Engagement Rates and the highest rated content engagements.


Our Social Media Marketing for Addiction Treatment Packages Always Include:

  • FREE Social Media Account/Profile Creation (If needed)
  • Content Creation & Posting (2-4/ per Week Each Profile)
  • Community Engagement (2-4 Posts / Week)
  • Targeted Social Media Marketing
  • 250 plus New Followers gained/ per Week (Custom Solutions Available)
  • Full Social Media Team
  • No Spam Monitoring
  • 1 Analytic Report Per month
  • 1 Monthly Email Newsletter
  • Custom Video Production and Viral Posting
  • Ongoing Customer Reviews Posted


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